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What does the word “design” mean to you? In the Mapa factory, it takes the original sense of “giving a meaning” to things, people, projects. The projects of Mapa are aimed at people who know how to travel, both physically and mentally, people who are creating a path or imagining it different. Starting from the origins, from the ground, they design their own map looking to the future. Every single product of Mapa design studio has a specific meaning that is not ordinary, but reflects the uniqueness and the craftsmanship of Made in Italy. Our challenge is to fuse the traditional taste with the contemporary one: the neat and circular lines of the brand, embrace the more complex fabric and the philosophy of classical world. The themes of Travel and Life are predominant. The protagonist is the elegance of men and women in their pursuit of happiness, without time or space.

We are an Artisanal Orchestra
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